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Copper is known as the only metal that has been continuously circulating on earth for thousands of years. This means copper that was used by human civilization 10 000 years ago is still being used today due to recycling. This happens due to the fact that copper´s recycling scale is much greater than other metals used for engineering purposes.

Nowadays copper is used in power generation, transmission gadgets, electronic product manufacturing, appliances, heating or cooling systems, telecommunications, motors, radiators, connectors, breaks and much more. This means copper is all around us: any type of vehicle, home, office etc. That´s why recycling of copper today is absolutely essential.

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We buy any type of copper scrap, recycle it and convert it into a brand-new item – pure copper granules. This recycling process enables useless and unnecessary scrap to be introduced to a new copper cycle. An interesting fact here is that copper can be recycled as many times as needed and the process doesn´t affect the quality of copper alloy.

What we buy

We buy scrap elements that contain copper alloys. This includes any kind of copper cable, wire loom, harness wire, cable grades, single cables, electronic scrap, automobile core, telecommunication components and many more vehicle, household,  commercial waste and e-waste that has been used on a daily basis and is no longer possible to use.


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Cable recycling not only preserves and conserves valuable resources, it also significantly reduces energy consumption.