We strongly believe recycling is required for any efficient and sustainable business activity and plays a significant role in a circular economy as well as helps us to conserve our natural resources.

We buy all types of cable, electronic waste, otherwise known as WEEE waste and parts of automobile core, to recover copper and make it into reusable copper resources.

This enables the production of new items such as strip, foil, plate, tube, profiles, bars and forgings made of copper materials for industrial, electronic and architectural purposes.


We specialize in recycling cables which contain copper that can be recycled and processed to copper granules. This category includes cables for electric panels, power cables, armored cables, telecommunication cables, halogen-free cables, fire resistant cables, control cables, instrumentation cables (and) wires from automobiles – also known as wire loom.

Harness Wire

Single Cables

House Hold / Cable Mix


Demand for electronic products is increasing quickly. This results in a continuously growing amount of industrial and domestic e-waste that can lead to an ecological threat. All electronic gadgets contain a large amount of copper and various other nonferrous metals which can be fully recovered. We buy: Printed circuit boards PCB, processors and RAM memory, scrap mobile phones – without batteries, E-waste is then recycled. All metals are recovered so that they can be reused in a new product in order to continue the cycle and to reduce waste being sent to landfills. The e-waste recycling process is fully traceable, proven and documented.

Mainboards and other PCB types

CPU, Mobile phone boards, RAM

Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and laptops


A wide range of non-ferrous metals can be collected from scrap automobiles. Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle ICEV contains up to 40 kilograms of copper, several hundred kilograms of Aluminum and its alloys. Electric Vehicles EV contain up to 3 times the amount of copper. We buy: ECU, wire looms, alternators and starter motors, alloy wheels.


Alloy Wheels